How to Clean Pool Filter Cartridges

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The basic element for a sparkling clean swimming pool all the time is a pool filter. If you neglect the pools filter you will not only have dirty water but it could result in some serious illnesses to the swimmers as well. Here is how to clean the basic pool filter cartridge.

Turn the primary circuit breaker for the pool equipment off or the circuit breaker at the swimming pool as required. Ensure that doesn't power up while you are cleaning the cartridge.

Relieve the pressure on the system by opening up the pressure relief valve on the primary filter.

Drain the water from the cartridge filter by unscrewing and removing the drain plug from the filter housing to drain the filter of the water completely. After all of the water has been drained and pressure released from the filter, carefully open up the filter housing.

Carefully take the dirty filter cartridge out of the filter housing. Using a high pressure spray nozzle on the garden hose and spray the cartridge elements thoroughly until as much of the debris and dirt as possible is gone and the water is clear. In order to obtain the best results, work from the top down and spray of the filter cartridges at a 45 degree angle.

Clean the filter housing by spraying down the filter housing in order to remove any debris or dirt. Ensure that the o ring is clean so that you can get a good tight seal after the filter is reassembled. Carefully reinstall the filter cartridges that have been cleaned in the reverse order that they were removed.

Close and secure the filter. Restart the pool equipment and keep the pressure relief valve open until after all the air has been purged from the filter. After the filter is working again, take notice of the pressure on the pressure gauge. After the pressure has gone up to 10psi, clean the cartridge filter once again.

It is important to establish and maintain a routine cleaning schedule for cartridge pool filters because this will make sure that you will have a sparkling clean swimming pool.

Don't forget that when you clean a cartridge swimming pool filter, it is important to carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions. If these instructions have been misplace or lost, you should contact the manufacturer for replacement instructions. Frequently the manufacturers will provide easy access to downloading the instructions from their website.

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How to Clean Pool Filter Cartridges

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This article was published on 2010/10/10