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Friend, do you know that changing your air filter when due will save for you more than $150 a year? Some of your other needs would be taken care of by that kind of money, things like coffee maker, a Vacuum flask, and real cups instead of those pesky disposable cups. Plus you will become more earth friendly by way of your car cutting down 1,000 lbs of CO2 emissions.

Most people are careless about this but,I suppose that you are aware that what the air filter does for your engine is keep out particulates from damaging it. If you regularly change your air filter it enhances your engine horse power and smooth running. But as you drive your car the filter collects grime, gradually minimizing it's effectiveness.

The Department of Energy unequivocally states that replacing a dirty filter improves fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. This converts to about thirty cents removed from each gallon of gas you burn. You will improve your engine life if you regularly change your dirty filters. Air filters are good for the environment, you can also use washable ones that you can reuse.

Industry experts say that if your MPG is about 19.6 from a 12, 000 mileage on a dirty filter, your MPG will move up to about 21.56 if you replace the old filter with a clean filter. Because what they say is true contingent upon the price of gas at the time, savings is about $165. If you deduct the cost of air filter which is between $20 - 50 for quality ones, what you have left is your net savings using a clean air filter.

You help to improve the quality of air in the environment if you use clean air filters. Clean air filters also improve your engine life. When your car is outfitted with a clean filter dirt will not clog your engine. Like living things, engines require good air to function properly. If you run on an old air filter your car might not get adequate air for expected performance. Also when your air filter is turn, all sorts of dross find their way into your engine.

Most people who own cars do not have adequate insights about the working of their engine and how regular they should service the engines for better performance. If you take proper care of your car it will serve you very obediently, on the other hand, if you neglect your car it could one day stop in the middle of nowhere and refuse to go further. A dirty air filter can easily make or mar that very important journey.

The air filter of your car is a vital part protecting your engine from particulates. But as you use your car the filter will definitely collect grime, gradually diminishing its effectiveness.

As a concluding point to this little discuss on air filters, have it at the back of your mind that a savings of about $150 is assured for you if you can regularly change your air filter during a one year period. Change your engine filter today and be the better for it in engine performance, MPG betterment and cash savings; and let me repeat, it will also eliminate over 1,000 lbs of CO2 emissions by your engine.

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Air Filter Secrets Exposed

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This article was published on 2010/03/29