5 Ways to Use Gmail Filters Effectively

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In today’s fast running life your email address has been literally converted into your second address as you prefer to receive your every mail there instead of your physical location. Therefore, your Gmail Inbox is your second point of contact as most of the messages, information, initiations, and contacts are eagerly waiting there for your arrival to surprise you. The moment you type-in your username and password, you get connected to the whole world from where you expect mails from your loved ones, free coupons and all that stuff. What if everything looks so cluttered and spoiled? If your Inbox remains cluttered and junked then it would a marathon task for you to find a particular important mail. You must do something that helps you find an important mail from the junk of useless content received during the last month. Don’t panic as Gmail has set up filters for your assistance that can help you in making your mail box more accessible and manageable than before.

Accessing an Inbox filled with a few dozen of unread messages makes you feel annoyed and distracted from work, if they are not organized. But don't worry, because email filters help in keeping less important emails out of your main concentrate area and allow the urgent ones to rise to the top. You can easily access the tool by clicking on the gear icon located on the top-right corner of your Gmail and then clicking ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Look for the ‘Filters’ link on the top of the next page and get access to the existing filters, that are currently engaged in managing your devices. You can even create your own by choosing specific fields, actions, categories, and other parameters.

In this article, you will read about the tips and tricks that will help you filter your messages like a professional.

  1. ‘Mark as Read’ for automated emails

You constantly check mails for the latest information about your work, family, finance, policies, and others but what if a number of unread messages carrying no informational content will appear first. It is recommended to set a ‘Mark as Read’ filter for all the mails that have unimportant content, and the stuff you want to hold on to, but doesn't necessarily need to read immediately. Some of the examples of such content are automated emails about your UPS package status, promotional mails from online stores, newsletters, and free tips and guides mails. To mark all of them as read, you need to type-in the whole domain name in your filters and save the settings for avoiding mass mails from that particular address in future.

  1. Auto-archive rather than delete

Deleting a crucial mail in hurry for creating space in your Inbox and regretting later about it is a sorrowful feeling. To prevent such occurences with your Inbox or important mails, you are recommended to go for the auto-archive filter. Once turned on, the archived emails in the Gmail will be automatically removed from your Inbox but they will still be stored in your Gmail account. You can easily find all of them in the achieved folder, when they are needed in the future. This filter is an ideal solution for users who don’t want to delete emails, but still want to manage the amount of content in their Inboxes.

  1. Multiple Senders

Multiple sender is an efficient filter recommended for situations when a sender has to mail to masses at a given period of time. Adding huge mail address one-by-one into the ‘To’ field of the mail sending addresses is a huge pain. This filter works for sending mass mails to multiple senders as it will automatically add the list of certain people you have designated with one label. Simply set up the filter using a suitable name and add the names of users you wish to add to this list. Click on ’Save’ and use this filter directly in the sending address field while composing the message that has to be delivered to masses.

  1. The power ‘Plus Sign’

Placing a dot in Gmail is purely for aesthetic purposes, but you can also use other characters for different purposes. Using a plus sign will make Google ignore all the text written after it, but it will still send messages to their correct address. All in all, this plus sign can easily be used as a powerful tool for filtering. While signing up for a social network or a free coupon delivering website, just add a plus sign to your email address to stop receiving associated emails or notifications from those sites. By adding a plus sign, you can easily skip all such messages from your Inbox altogether.

  1. Use colored labeling for enhanced understanding

Adding colors to labels will not only enhance the visual representation of different types of messages but will also help you in segregating mails on the basis of various categories. You can easily set up labels your Inbox using different color schemes as per your judgments and preferences. Adding color schemes to sender’s contacts can assign a particular category to everything that comes into your Inbox, from a specific sender. Some basic categories of label include shopping, bills, official, personal, follow ups and anything you want to sort visually.

Adding a filter to your Gmail account will help in accessing a particular mail more easily while looking at a huge chunk of unimportant mails. If you’ve created filters for certain emails, then you can easily go straight to a labeled folder and look for the respective content. Setting up a filter will help in reducing your valuable time or energy that you waste while reading all of them. All you can do with the help of a filter is organize emails that are either sent or received, and you can also separate work or home related emails with an optimal ease. No matter what kind of filter you’re using or creating, but it will surely help you to manage, organize and upkeep your mail accounts with ease.

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5 Ways to Use Gmail Filters Effectively

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This article was published on 2014/04/03